Brainerd Sports Boosters Noon Luncheons

What are they all about?

Brainerd Sports Boosters Noon Luncheons are open to everyone. Please join us whether you are a Sports Booster member or a sports enthusiast. Our goal is to continue promoting Brainerd Athletics and to recognize our athletes for their hard work and dedication along with the achievements they have accomplished. Don’t miss a great opportunity to see how well the Brainerd Area is represented by the young men and women who make up Brainerd athletics.

You’re Invited! To the Brainerd Sports Boosters Noon Luncheons!
When: Thursdays
Where: The Blue Room at Yesterday's Gone
$12 fee includes meal, beverage & tip. Or attend the program only at no cost.
Punch cards available for $100 (10 punches). A $20 SAVINGS!
Meal cost for coaches & athletes paid by Brainerd Sports Boosters.

2018 Fall Season Brainerd Sports Boosters
Noon Luncheon Schedule

Date Time Location TEAM HIGHLIGHTED Program Sponsor
Noon Blue Room @ Yesterday's Gone
Noon Blue Room @ Yesterday's Gone f